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Fear of Being Afraid

'Our doubts are our traitors' said Shakespeare. Negative thoughts of poverty, sickness and limitations separate you from your electricity. Your light is thus obscured because you have disconnected yourself just like you would disconnect an electric bulb with a flick of the switch. Has it ever occurred to you that you have been a traitor to yourself all these years?

Every young man determined to enter the Indian film industry is all set for a certain period of struggle. The 'struggle period' is now firmly a part of journey in films. It is an accepted fact so much so that the phrase 'struggle period' has itself entered their vocabulary. They are convinced that they have to struggle and so it is quite certain that they have to struggle. Why is it that Dilip Kumar never struggled for Elvis Presley for that matter? Or any one of these world-wide film personalities who have so suddenly and so successfully shot to the top. They had never heard of the phrase 'struggle period'. They never thought they would have to struggle, so they never struggled.

Whatever you think will happen and is bound to happen. It is the Law. Your doubts can create foreseen obstacles for you, just as strong positive thoughts can propel you to the pinnacle of success.

It is a fact that our doubts and negative thoughts hold us back from all that we want, so isn't it better to believe? You lose nothing, and you gain a lot. Whatever you believe and mentally create, you can have. If you think of poverty, then poverty is all that you will get. It takes very little effort to think of riches. You can dissolve or overcome virtually any obstacle in you path by a strong belief.

You must be able to say 'no' to the things you do not want to happen. Say 'I will have no more of this state of affairs from now on'. Try it. You will be surprised at how fast your troubles will vanish. When you decide to stop worrying and start believing, you give birth to an immediate magnetic action that can work only for your good.

Never be afraid of 'they'. People are more afraid of what other people will think than of anything else in the world. Do not be afraid if you are laughed at. The greatest people in the world have been laughed at. 'They' laughed at Marconi. Even his own father laughed at Marconi. They laughed at Henry Ford when he built the world's first motor car. Luckily for us, laughter never daunted Ford.

People have a baneful habit of laughing at people who dare to be different than the common masses. Do not be afraid of any other people's opinions.

There is not, and never has been, a great individual who has not been laughed at. Do not be discouraged. Great people believe in a positive manner. All the ridicule in the world cannot stop them from being great. Remember these powerful and inspiring words: I can and I will.

A famous millionaire makes it a point to repeat them three times every morning before he gets out of bed. Follow this example un-shakingly.

Most people are afraid of something, be it anxiety over money or sickness or fear of losing someone's love or being alone and unwanted. Rise triumphant over your doubts and fears. As said earlier, your doubts can prove to be foreseen obstacles in everything you do. They can be so powerful that they can set in motion the very things that you fear. There is a famous saying: 'If you dread something, it will happen'. Your life begins to go wrong the moment you fear it will do so. To bring out the power within you, you must never be afraid of anything or anybody. You have thought yourself into doubt with your own mind it is entirely up to you to rid yourself of that fear. Doubt is a negative mind. You must be positive if you want to be rich and successful.

Very often, doubts begin to besiege you if you use your mind more than your body. You generate doubt and fear if you think too much and neglect action. Arrive at a happy balance. Lead a more active life. Go for long walks, exercise, do yoga. Remember that saying, "A healthy mind is a healthy body". Exercise is a positive action. The very act of physical exertion fills you with a sense of confidence. Haven't you noticed how much more positive you are when you begin your day with a bit of exercise?

Fear is all in the Mind. Fear is a figment of your own over active imagination. If you advance boldly towards the object of our fear, you will find that it will just melt away. Plunge boldly into that which you fear. The only way to conquer fear is by meeting it face to face.

Here are few negative phrases that you should delete entirely from your vocabulary and promise yourself never to use them:
  • I only I had money
  • What will people say?
  • Suppose something happens
  • If only I had influence
  • My stars are unlucky
  • It was not in my destiny
  • I was fated to go through a bad time
  • If only I was in good health

Go forth with confidence. Remember that as long as a man goes to battle he shall never lose. Never take no for an answer, never admit defeat. Positive belief is the magic formula for success...

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