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Laws of Universe

Law of Healing

Universal laws govern the energy of the universe that we are part of. They serve to create balance and order and exist in the flow of Universal energy. When we are unaware of how they work our lives can be rather chaotic, where things seem to happen despite our best efforts, nothing in our life turns out the way we wish or hope it would and we are out of balance. If we are willing to surrender to them and learn to use them we can create from our intentions and watch our reality unfold effortlessly.

These laws respond to our every thought, word, action and belief. Without an awareness of our thoughts we are unconsciously creating our reality so we are in effect giving our power to whatever thoughts we may have at any point in time. Universal laws are not random and do not judge, so every thought is given equal importance. Until we learn to manage our thoughts and put them in alignment with our intentions, we may be thinking one thing while trying to manifest something else. No wonder we can feel like things are not manifesting the way we want them to.

We use Universal law effectively when we are aware of our power. The Universe always sees us as powerful, even when we do not. And since the Universe responds to what we are, not what we wish we were, our powerless thoughts and beliefs can bring chaos to our lives. Our blessing is that we can transform anything, at any time, when we decide to change our thoughts and step into our power. The Universe always blesses us when we choose to align with our power and remember who we are.

When we remember that Universal laws respond to us and reflect what we are thinking and doing back to us it is easy to see where we are not using our power effectively. It is our natural state to live in joy, peace and abundance in everything that we want. If we have an abundance of what we don't want, we can look at where we are not in alignment with Universal law and make appropriate changes. The Universe never judges us, nor does it question our choices. It does remind us of how powerful we are by helping us create the most powerful reality we are capable of. And then when we claim our power and make more powerful choices, it rewards us with unlimited blessings and helps us create something else.

Developing Awareness

The awareness of how powerful we are allows us to realize where we could have chosen differently, made other decisions or even where we had signs that transformation was possible and we completely missed the opportunity. Instead of judging or criticizing ourselves, which only serves to set us back farther, we can learn to develop an awareness of transformational events and how to use them to our best advantage.

The potential for transformation occurs every moment but without awareness we can either miss these opportunities entirely or make the same choices each time. It is only after our choice has been made and we are out of the emotions of the moment that we can step back, detach and realize that we could have made another choice. We know that we always get other opportunities to learn our lessons so how do we prepare ourselves for them? Developing awareness will help us recognize the opportunities for transformation, remain in the present moment and prevents us from repeating past behavior.

The emotions and feelings we have about people and situations are our best indicator of when transformation is occurring. Others participate in our lessons and help set them up for us. It is then up to us to use the information they provide to make choices. If we are always in reacting mode we make decisions and choices from our emotions and do not use the tools of detachment and observation to assess what is happening and see an array of opportunities instead of the one that seems to be the most obvious. Without awareness, the most obvious choice is the one we have always taken. With awareness, the field of choices is much larger. Then we must decide whether we can take a different path or not.

This requires discipline and a willingness to disengage from old patterns of behavior which create more karma for us. The person who pushes our buttons does so because that is their role in our life until we learn the lesson they are helping us with. With awareness we see that this is occurring and can decide whether we want to respond the same way each time. Why are they able to do that and what can we do to step out of the situation and into a different way of being? With awareness we step into a space of peace and calm, no matter what is going on around us. Then we can make choices that best utilize our opportunities for transformation and move ourselves into a path that ends karma and creates peace, joy and new opportunities for our reality.

Why Healing is Important

Universal laws govern ever aspect of our reality, responding to our every thought, belief and action. Whether we use them in conscious creation or are surprised by what boomerangs into our life as result of our energetic projections, they are a constant and unrelenting presence and work with us to create the truth that we believe about ourselves. When that truth is based on our wounded past we create a reality that reflects our wounds. So it is important to do our healing work before we step into trying to use Universal laws to manifest or we will simply create more of the past instead of a transformed reality.

Our lessons are an initiation into using our power and reveal those places that require attention and healing. Going through our 'work', which means addressing areas where we experience pain, fear and doubt allows us to resolve and release our wounds. Without this effort we are manifesting from what we believe to be possible and our fear instead of from the miraculous. Going through the healing work raises our energetic vibrations, creating greater possibilities for transformation.

We have been led to believe that it is possible to focus on what we want and it will come to pass. And that is partly true. But if we want to be in the flow and enable effortless manifestation in our lives we must be willing to heal and to work through what requires healing. This is why it may seem that when we try to manifest whatever we are attempting to change suddenly becomes worse. Whatever blocks us-and may have been blocking us for years and even lifetimes-reveals itself to us. Can we see beyond the immediate issues and find their blessing, an opportunity to transform our energetic vibrations and step into effortless manifestation, using Universal law to its highest potential?

The Universal laws work very simply but that does not mean they are easy to work with. Because they are nonjudgmental and neutral they respond and do not ask questions. When we have raised our vibration enough to want to work with Universal laws we also agree to do the healing work that is required to work with them consciously and in ways that manifest the reality of our dreams. If you have been practicing manifesting abundance or attracting what you want and it's not working, what do you need to review, heal and release? Do your inner work and the Universal laws will reward you with the reality of your dreams.

The Healing Response (THR) is what your body does - its best effort - to get you better when you are threatened, in pain, or already ill. Your body assesses the resources you have and gives you as much healing response as you got. It gives you THR in as organized a way as your body can possibly muster. There are principles and laws behind THR. These are encompassed herein to serve as a guide for the discussion on how the layers of the THR are organized. There is a large body of loosely connected research that compel us to ask and answer whether a definition of THR is warranted. It also compels us to shape our hypotheses within a uniform philosophy that is both energetically and scientifically based.

Ten Principles & Laws of Healing
  • Principle 1: Life (Vital Force) is God Given, but not necessarily God maintained; Free Choice Exists.
  • The Law: Build Vital Force & Health Ensues.

  • Dynamic & Specific Directional Flow of Vital Force Results in Homeostasis.
  • The Law: Enhance Directional Flow & Life Springs.

  • Principle 3: The Body will make every effort to preserve homodynamic and avoid stasis.
  • The Law: Rid Stasis & Healing Happens.

  • Principle 4: Diurnal, Lunar & Specific Seasonal Patterns of Energy Flow Exist.
  • The Law: Tune in and Synchronize to Your Healing Rhythms.

  • Principle 5: Intelligence is in the Cell.
  • The Law: Feed the Cell what it needs for Health.

  • Principle 6: The brain provides one Level, but not the only level of support to the cell.
  • The Law: Open all Lines Communicating to the Cell - Vital Exchange Occurs.

  • Principle 7: Our beliefs create a unique biology within us which creates behavior. It is an equilibrium. Equally true is that behavior creates biology creates beliefs.
  • The Law: Optimize Healthy Beliefs & Behaviors. Expect Speedy Healing.

  • Principle 8: Environment Induces Gene Expression.
  • The Law: Live in a Healthy Environment and Protect against Oxidative Stress.

  • Principle 9: Toxins exist internally & externally which assault our structural integrity. Our physical & energetic body must constantly rebuild, shield and actively defend itself.
  • The Law: Enhance , Build & Defense the Fortress to Augment the Healing Response.

  • Principle 10: Connectedness to God Positive Influences Your Health and Rate of Aging.
  • The Law: Seek God and Pray without Ceasing.

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