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Power of Visualization

What is Visualization?

Visualisation is also known as Mental Imagery, or Visual Mental Rehearsal (VMR), and is a technique that has been proven to be extraordinarily successful in producing a specific outcome.

Why is it important?

Visualisation evidence suggests that our mind plays an important role in the creation of our experience, and therefore it may be possible to 'program' our mind and body to act in a certain way to gain positive results.

What research has been done into the subject of visualisation?

Mental Imagery research has grown significantly in the last few decades, and studies show that the brain does not know the difference between imagining something or actually doing it. Therefore, visualising positive outcomes or successful completion of an outcome enables both the brain and body to become responsive and conditioned to that particular result.

Many sportspeople and athletes have used mental imagery and visualisation to increase their success. In visualisation and mental imagery, the mind believes that the successful result has already been achieved, and thus acts accordingly. This has been especially useful when using

visualisation for healing
. Dr David Hamilton has documented a wealth of evidence that visualisation has been successful in improving health and well being. This has also been further confirmed by studies using hypnosis to heal.

Outside the laboratory, there is another wealth of experiential evidence owing to the power of visualisation and mental imagery. Hundreds of self development authors, entrepreneurs and successful people have championed the power of visualisation in attaining goals and outcomes.

How is visualisation demonstrated?

Visualisation or Mental Imagery is usually demonstrated through the focused attention on various imagery, usually involving all aspects of your modalities (i.e. imagining what you would see, hear, feel, smell, etc). Visualisation effects on the body can be seen as a psychokinetic (Mind over Matter) effect.

Can you practise visualisation?

Visualisation is already practised unconsciously by everyone; it is however beginning to be harnessed by individuals who would like to direct their consciousness towards a particular outcome. The physical effects of visualisation are evident in a person's physiology- therefore, visualising a positive outcome inadvertently has a positive effect on the biochemistry of the individual.

It is so amazing to think that you can almost fool your brain into thinking that something is real when it actually isn't - yet! But to be able to take that incredible fact and use it to make your dreams come true, well, that’s just Powerful!

Oh, and did I tell you that it's actually not only powerful but pretty quick and easy to do too? If you want to know more then read on. If you are happy with your life the way it is them skip to another article now!

Visualisation doesn't come naturally to everyone at first, but with practice it becomes easier and easier. It is a fantastic technique for evoking powerful feelings and is also a critical part of any goal achieving process.

The aim of this exercise is to bring to mind a vivid, clear and detailed encounter with what you want to achieve or become. Effective visualisation includes what you SEE, HEAR, FEEL (by touch and emotion) SMELL and TASTE.

Follow the instructions below to begin your journey to effective visualization.
  • Sit comfortably and let yourself relax. If you are tense, your muscles get contradictory messages.
  • Have a specific goal. Decide in advance what skills you want to improve and choose a specific short example of having performed that skill well. Bring to mind, or visualize what your senses were experiencing OR create an ideal performance OR see yourself as having the thing you desire in your life.
  • Use all of your senses. Remember that visualization is not just seeing with the mind's eye, but also touching, tasting, smelling and recalling how it feels emotionally to perform this way.
  • Breathe deeply and evenly, breathing in the enjoyment and experience of having this thing in your life.
  • Visualise it as if your are achieving your goal right now, reliving what your senses are experiencing.
  • Visualise it at normal speed, except when you want to focus on a specific element of the movement.
  • Enjoy it! This is important.
  • Practise regularly. 5 minutes a day, once a day for two weeks.

You can use this technique to improve a skill or achieve your goals. If you have written goals - make sure you spend some time each day visualising them as if they were already done and celebrate as if it were done!

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